Fast Food...Not! (But We Shot It 'On the Go!')

We had the pleasure of shooting and tasting (always a bonus!) on location at I.d. Restaurant this week.  It's always a whirlwind to shoot on location as dishes are being served and servers are serving it up fresh.  But that's what we like....fresh food, fresh images and an opportunity to showcase the Chef's food in their own light--literally.  

Hats off to Chef Jonna Froelich whose amazing touch will no doubt catapult I.d. onto the top lists of the best restaurants. As you can see, her food is inspired using loads of farm to table ingredients, vivid colors and a wide palette that is quite ridiculously amazing.  (One of my favorites is the lamb meatball dish the Morrocan Lamb Kofta--a deconstructed, high level, not to be forgotten 'Gyro' on-a-different-playing-field taste.)  We're glad that we got the opportunity to create images that will hopefully help to highlight her randomly inspired dishes.